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Arbitration Law
Corporate Law
Criminal Law
Matrimonial Law
Arbitration Law:
Advise and assistance in Arbitration matters
Conducting, defending and undertaking Arbitration proceedings

Criminal Law:
Advise and assistance on liability under criminal law
Defending and undertaking proceedings under :

The Negotiable Instruments Act (Special experience in handling bulk cases U/s 138 N. I. Act)
The Indian Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure (Commercial Transactions)

Banking Law:
Advise on all banking matters
Recovery of dues (District Courts, High Court, DRT and BIFR)
Defending and undertaking proceedings in Appellate Courts (DRAT and AAIFR)
Defending and undertaking proceedings under the SARFAESI Act

Company Law:
Advise on Company matters
Defending and undertaking proceedings before
  The High Court
  The Company Law Board
  The District Courts (Criminal prosecution)
Civil Law:
Advise and assistance in all types of Civil disputes
Defending and undertaking proceedings for recovery of dues under the Civil Procedure Code (Special experience in handling bulk cases)
Disputes relating to Real Estates

Matrimonial Law:
Advising, Counseling and assisting in filing and defending all type of matrimonial litigations. (Special experience in handling such cases)
Undertakes counseling sessions to resolve matrimonial discord.

Insurance Law:
Advise/opinions/drafting of reply etc. on all Insurance matters including Insurance Ombudsman
Defending and undertaking proceedings in all Courts & Consumer Forums

Commercial Laws:
Drafting commercial contracts
All commercial litigations
  Negotiations and resolution of all commercial disputes

Consumer Disputes:
Advise on liability under Consumer Law and MRTP
Defending and undertaking proceedings in all District Forums, State Commissions and National Commission
Besides the proprietor, the Firm has 8 Associate Advocates and 8 office assistants providing Legal services in various Courts, Commissions, Forums, Tribunals, Authorities of Delhi including DRT, DRAT, BIFR, AAIFR, MRTPC, SCDRC, NCDRC, CLB and The High Court of Delhi.
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